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Schlegel's Asthetische und dramaturgische Schriften have been edited by J. See, besides the biography by his brother in the edition of his works, E. Wolff, Johann Elias Schlegel ; and J. Rentsch, Johann Elias Schlegel als Trauerspieldichter Cambridge University Press. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. A profane old drunkard in this fool's dress--I'm simply not fit to look at. I must go and change it at once This is a dreadful place, I should die of fright sitting here all night.

What do you want? It is I, sir. Who are you? It is I, master, it is I!

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It is you. I spend my nights here in the dressing-rooms. Only please be good enough not to tell Alexi Fomitch, sir. I have nowhere else to spend the night; indeed, I haven't. It is you, Nikitushka, is it? Just think, the audience called me out sixteen times; they brought me three wreathes and lots of other things, too; they were all wild with enthusiasm, and yet not a soul came when it was all over to wake the poor, drunken old man and take him home.

And I am an old man, Nikitushka! I am sixty-eight years old, and I am ill. I haven't the heart left to go on. Oh, it is dreadful, dreadful! I won't go home; I have no home--none! Oh, dear!

Have you forgotten where you live? I won't go there.

Die stumme Schönheit (German Edition)

I won't! I am all alone there. I have nobody, Nikitushka! No German breathes: atmet. I am like the wind blowing across the lonely fields. I shall die, and no one will remember me. It is awful to be alone--no one to cheer me, no one to caress me, no one to help me to bed when I am drunk.

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Whom do I belong to? Who needs me? Who loves me? Not a soul, Nikitushka. My audience has gone home. They are all asleep, and have forgotten their old clown. No, nobody needs me, nobody loves me; I have no wife, no children. Don't be so unhappy about it. But I am a man, I am still alive. Warm, red blood is tingling in my veins, the blood of noble ancestors.

I am an aristocrat, Nikitushka; I served in the army, in the artillery, before I fell as low as this, and what a fine young chap I was! Handsome, daring, eager!

The Life of August Wilhelm Schlegel

Where has it all gone? What has become of those old days? There's the pit that has swallowed them all! I remember it all now. Forty-five years of my life lie buried there, and what a life, Nikitushka! I can see it as clearly as I see your face: the ecstasy of youth, faith, passion, the love of women--women, Nikitushka! It is time you went to sleep, sir. When I first went on the stage, in the first glow of passionate youth, I remember a woman loved me for my acting.

She was beautiful, graceful as a poplar, young, innocent, pure, and radiant as a summer dawn. Her smile could charm away the darkest night. I remember, I stood before her once, as I am now standing before you.

Smothered Hope

She had never seemed so lovely to me as she did then, and she spoke to me so with her eyes--such a look! I shall never forget it, no, not even in the grave; so tender, so soft, so deep, so bright and German ancestors: Vorfahren, Voreltern. Anton Chekhov 15 young! Enraptured, intoxicated, I fell on my knees before her, I begged for my happiness, and she said: "Give up the stage! Do you understand?

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She could love an actor, but marry him--never! I was acting that day, I remember--I had a foolish, clown's part, and as I acted, I felt my eyes being opened; I saw that the worship of the art I had held so sacred was a delusion and an empty dream; that I was a slave, a fool, the plaything of the idleness of strangers. I understood my audience at last, and since that day I have not believed in their applause, or in their wreathes, or in their enthusiasm. Yes, Nikitushka! The people applaud me, they buy my photograph, but I am a stranger to them. They don't know me, I am as the dirt beneath their feet.

They are willing enough to meet me. I have no faith in them, [sinks onto the stool] no faith in them. Oh, sir! Come, go home, have mercy on me! I saw through it all that day, and the knowledge was dearly bought.

70 Abospecial "Das Licht des Lebens" (stumme Mädchen) #2

After that. I took the parts of buffoons and low comedians, letting my mind go to wreck. I have been swallowed up in that great black pit. I never felt it before, but to-night, when I woke up, I looked back, and there behind me lay sixty-eight years. I have just found out what it is to be old! It is all over. There, there, dear master!