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I still love it as much as I did when I was a child. I still hold my breath whenever a lightsaber is ignited on screen. Become a member.

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Sign in. Get started. As the ship's name is the EFI Hermes and I had been developing NeOlympus long before I revealed it to y'all last year, I wanted to make some reference to that in some way. Without giving away spoilers, Iris is a minor god I give a pretty big part in some later chapters of NeOlympus and as she and Hermes are both messengers, I thought it would be a fun idea to make the name of Hermes' computer be Iris.

IRIS isn't technically sentient as she just has a complex and ever expanding personality matrix, but there is the potential for her to gain sentience should the cognition limiters placed on her system be removed or damaged. Nace Kitahri was actually a redundant character we created the first of many more to come. Originally, my friend and I each came up with some concepts for characters to fill the various roles needed for the ship. What we ended up doing however upon comparing notes was taking a character from each's list and making the crew larger and larger.

Nace was originally going to be the ship's only pilot but after we liked the idea of him having a shared background with the captain and being this 'fish out of water' who had this freakishly good ability to fly a ship, we decided that we wanted him to be the ship's Flight Chief and Second Mate. As mentioned earlier, Asha was a redundant character. She was almost scrapped in favor of Nace, but we decided to keep her as the ship's usual pilot and its most skilled combat pilot. We gave Asha a tragic background and some PTSD to help make this distinguished pilot "damaged" enough that she would resort to taking a job with Salazar.

As a sort of meta-reference to her almost being scrapped, we have her being the ship's original Flight Chief until she was demoted by Captain Rook in order to place his friend, Nace, in the position of Flight Chief instead, giving Asha a chip on her shoulder with the captain.

Book review: family saga relives horrors of modern Chinese history

Qi'Kana was worked into the captain's backstory and was tied into the big plot going forward in the story. As a newcomer aboard the ship and one that Salazar didn't hire to fill a role but just sort of tagged along with Rook, she had to fill a role that wasn't filled. As I had made some mention of her race having an instinctive homing sense to their homeworld, we figured that alone could make her a remarkable navigator. Rhiann was another character meant to be the ship counselor but once we began to discuss the idea of Qi'Kana and Rhiann being friends as both were somewhat spiritual beings, we wanted to move Rhiann away from being the ship's counselor and becoming a role that's more hands-on and working beside the navigator.

As we didn't like the idea of "all aliens speak English", we quickly realized that the ship needed a Linguist and Communications Officer.

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This also developed into a Sensor Operator and boom, Rhiann had a purpose. Another redundant character, Xarene was originally meant to be ship's engineer but when we decided that we wanted a larger ship which required a larger, more realistic sized crew, we decided to make her the ship's Third Mate and its Systems Manager and Chief Technical Officer, thus putting the actual labor-intensive mechanical work on her subordinate.

Xarene's smoking was just a sort of "what if" thinking exercise of "what if smoking cured cancer? As I have lived in Texas, we wanted to make sure that the "cowboy spirit" was somehow alive in this project. I created Abbie with a bit of cowboy flavor in her background and my friend went all-in with this guy.

He works hard and also plays hard. He's sort of a foil for the captain as the two often clash when it comes to their romantic pursuits aboard the ship. Teresa didn't start out as a character, just a concept for a savage snake-like alien race from a dead world that the crew was going to visit. However as the concept of the plot changed, we realized that this race wasn't likely to be used so we decided to represent this alien race with the addition of Tess to the crew. We fell in love with this idea of this young freakish looking alien serpent having a human identity as she was raised human and then her having this sort of schoolgirl crush on the captain.

Early on, we wanted an early antagonist for the crew to be the demonic-looking warrior race known as the Baal.

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Sarah was created originally as a possible sketch for what the female Baal were to look like but when we realized that we had humanized the female Baal while monsterizing the males, we decided to take this sketch and make her a half-breed whose mother was a human raped and enslaved by the Baal. Sarah's part is originally very small but after Phil created this awesome design for her, I really wanted to feature her prominently in the story.

Slate was a character that just of happened. I don't remember who created him, but somewhere along the line we liked the idea of having this massive brute of a character who didn't have much brains but had a lot of character. The Crag as a race were some of the most abstract aliens I created for this setting and as a result, we felt that we really needed to have one of these Crag as a member of the crew. The Crag Called Slate is an anomaly among the Crag which are already an anomaly of a race. Crag likes money and wants to be rich, even if he doesn't really buy anything, he just likes the idea of hoarding wealth.

I developed her further and made her this continually neglected and mistreated gynoid female version of an 'android' and gave her a "tough chick" persona and had her develop this sort of struggle between being independent as she so fiercely wants to be but the need to play the role of the subservient machine in order to continue to exist. Bahgus is a fun character. He was originally developed to be like a gorilla but as we developed the culture of the Mondols, we realized that a pig was more fitting and so we sorta blended the two.

The race as a whole is very diverse and are sort of based off your typical dwarf from many fantasy settings, but we went further with that. Bahgus himself was the Chieftain of the Clan until he was diagnosed with a terminal disease and wanting to die in battle, he signed up with Salazar, convinced that the crew was heading into a suicide mission.

Well, yes and no. He was originally designed to be a nod to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Rifts Roleplaying game in which there is this evil empire that bred "dog-boys" to hunt down psychics and magic-users.

However, as he was being developed, Zootopia and Guardians of the Galaxy came out and elements of those previously mentioned characters were worked into Fawkes' character. What we have now is a cunning strategist and weapons expert who is a big believer in the philosophy of "Work smart, not hard". He's the sort of guy that might watch you kill all his best friends in battle and then flee, thus making you suspect him a coward, only for him to show up five years later to poison all your friends and family and torture you to death over a period of months.

Norman Withers is the ship's doctor. He is a skilled surgeon who suffered family tragedy and fell down into a pattern of self-destructive behavior. This behavior made him unhirable by any decent hospital or clinic but made him the ideal employee of Salazar. There was no single point of inspiration for Withers.

Pomak was created by me, but given the name "Pomak" by my friend with the idea of calling her "Po" as a female and "Mak" as a male. No idea where I came up with this character's concept, I just had this idea for a race of aliens that could change genders at will. Exploring this idea and that there are frogs that can sorta do this in real life, I decided to make the race amphibians and to make Pomak a character that was neither male nor female but a third gender known as a Polymorph 'or Bio-Mage' by the race itself.

I also wanted to make some nods to the transgender movement, so I also gave Pomak an identity crisis of their own where they identified as a male early in their life but as they grew older, they began to embrace their dual genders. Yggth was just sort of a mascot for this project since its inception. He fluctuated between a lot of roles. Originally, he was going to be a "pet" of the captain's, then the captain's "butler", then he went back to being a pet but belonging to Zane, and then he bounced around as the pet or buddy of a bunch of different characters before we settled on him being the chef.

Yggth's the only member of the crew that doesn't speak the basic common language as his vocal cords don't allow it but he understands the language and is usually expressive enough to communicate easily enough with most members of the crew. So What Am I Changing? Mostly the plot. In the original concept, the main plot was this was a crew that was intended to go around and do odd jobs on both sides of the law, not unlike the crew of the Serenity in the series Firefly.

There was also this meta-plot in which Salazar was fascinated by this ancient alien race known as the Forerunners and had tasked the crew with investigating the location of six previously unknown Forerunner ruins he had learned the location of and then there was some sort of time loop and amnesia and really it got complicated so I decided to change it.

Now, instead of the ship being owned by a corporation, it's just going to be owned by Salazar pictured below , who is a notorious arms dealer. Most of his criminal empire has been destroyed and he was only able to escape capture himself through a legal loophole he exploited before disappearing aboard the Hermes, which is now just a ship he had recently acquired and was transforming into his flagship but had yet to register the ship thus preventing the feds from knowing of his connection to it.

Salazar then manned the ship with the remnants of his criminal empire that had also evaded arrest through some means and a number of others that Salazar has had his eye on for some time.

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